Vienna upgraded to modern LED lamps

Also in Austria, see LED lights used more and more, in the private and public sectors. In the city of Vienna, a large part of the lights dates back to the 60-s and 70-s. The power consumption of these old lamps is enormous and the city out its policy for new lighting ideas that promise to save power.

Therefore, now in the City of Vienna, the first LED lights are installed, to test how much power can be saved with the truly innovative technology. As the first project of the many benefits of LED, lights clearly clarified in future also other communities around Vienna and the city itself will change to the cost-saving technology, and gradually replace the old lights with new LED lights. In Vienna, the Kühnplatz served as the first test installation of LED lights, where first two LED lamps were installed.

This central location was strategically chosen, especially since many people come. This is also equal to the acceptance of the citizens to be tested. Especially in public areas are still enormous amounts of wasted energy. The lighting of public spaces, buildings and streets could be much more cost-efficient LED technology. Retrofitting is therefore inevitable in the long term.

LED Bulbs by DEL-KO over Austria

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