LED street lighting

A street lighting provides safety and security and protects road users effectively prevent accidents and thus the associated damage. The rules for an optimal street lighting have been defined by the European standard DIN EN 13201 and must be respected in all 28 EU countries. To meet all of the factors, municipalities can now also switch to energy-saving alternative of LED street lighting. The new technology has become so advanced that they can be used widely on European roads. With an LED Street lighting, all the old streetlights and street lamps can easily and be replaced quickly.

A complicated converting old system is not necessary here, since new LED street lamps have standard E27 screw base. Of course, initially caused some investment costs, which are the responsibility of the local authorities first. These costs are amortized, but after a short period of use. The energy-saving LED lights can save about half of the previously required for street lighting costs. This cost saving has spread among many consumers already and some municipalities have already successfully changed the lighting and benefit from the numerous advantages since the LED technology.

In the City of Jena University of Technology already developed a first pilot project with LED street lighting. The aim of the test series is to produce a mass-market smart and street lamp. The lamps were provided for with sensitive sensors that are networked. This intelligent lamp is able to illuminate any situation perfectly by adapting their brightness and colour to various conditions. Depending on the current weather, conditions and the number of existing road users fit this lamp the light accordingly. Thus, further long-term cost savings.

LED lighting at Aral petrol station

Most gas stations have continuously illuminated petrol pumps and retail space. Station operators very expensive pay this hunger for energy. Aral petrol station in Augsburg has now responded and using the company DEL-KO completely converted to LED bulbs brand Bioledex. This saves the gas station energy costs and ensures high degree of maintenance-free illumination, making the subsequent costs are eliminated. Made possible by the extremely long service life of LED lamps.

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